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One of major challenges facing healthcare sector in South Sudan is the non-existence of reliable and efficient manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products and equipment and this goes a long way in impacting health prospects and wellbeing of communities and country as a whole. 

Distribution & Redistribution

Pinecone Pharma’s core function is the distribution of pharmaceutical and personal care products from hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers to pharmacies and hospitals nationwide through its fleet of vehicles. Its nationwide distribution network, with multiple operational sites, includes distribution hubs and central warehouses, guaranteeing the safe storage and delivery of temperature-sensitive products. The company also has a highly efficient order-taking and delivery system which gives it an edge over the competitors.

Logistics & Warehousing

Pinecone Pharma’s extensive experience as a pharmaceutical distributor allows it to manage the responsibility of warehousing and logistics for suppliers to help them achieve their productivity goals. Its state-of-the-art warehouses manage customer storage capacities, and with the help of its temperature-controlled supply chain, the company’s warehouses and delivery fleet comply with good storage practices (GSP) and good distribution practices (GDP) established by the World Health Organization.

Importation, Packaging & Repackaging

Pinecone Pharma is looking beyond the horizon and searching for other business ventures that will widen profit margins. The team will also be importing, packaging and repackaging healthcare and pharmaceutical products according to clients specifications and in line with international standards.